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Re: [nafex] Quince for Pear roostock

I understand that there can be incompatability issues with Conference and an
interstem is recommended.  Calcareous soils should be avoided because this can
bring on "lime-induced chlorosis".  Although tolerant of wet soils quince
seems to do better in the hotter drier years  Cold-hardiness is also a concern
from late spring frosts.  For more information on quince rootstock we grow,
visit our website at  willamettenurseries.com
Good luck,
Devin Cooper

Ed & Pat Fackler wrote:

> KJJSiebert@aol.com wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I am interested in trying Quince as a pear rootstock. Where can I get
> > the roostocks? Does anyone have information on compatability with the
> > following pears: Rescue, Highland, Ubileen, Conference? Any
> > information on culture, including soil preferences, would be
> > appreciated.
>      My response--------
>      Depending on quantity desired, you may obtain them from Treco in
> Woodburn, OR and Willamette Nursery in OR.  I'm sure Dev Cooper reads this
> and he is the owner of Willamette.
>      Of those you mentioned, I'm certgain Rescue and Highland are not
> compatible and my best guess is that Ubileen and Conference aren't either.
>     Of those which are very compatible, Comice (and sibs like Magness),
> Maxine, Bierschmitt, Collette and Old Home exhibit good compatibility and
> perhaps Maxine, when used as an interstem, induces a degree of precosity
> (quicker to bear).
>      Hope this helps.
> Ed, So. Indiana, land of nirvana
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fn:Devin Cooper