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Re: [nafex] NAFEX Webpage

Hello David:
Thank you for the timely reply...
Heartened to hear that the directors and officers have and are considering a new Nafex handbook.
Thanks for the assurance.
Your suggestion of inserting into the Pomona a want for the handbook is a great idea and worthy of a shot.
I believe I will post here to the forum and see where that may lead me.
Also, having read from the archive, the article in the spring 2001 last page from our founder and to realize, here was a
man who not only founded our fine organization but offered to have fellow Nafexers over to his home to stay and sleep over
would imply a man beyond generosity and stewardship.
I will keep an eye peeled for the web site additions on this wonderful man, thank you for the tip.
Thank you for your time.
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> Would you happen to know if there have been any determinations rendered as
> a re-print issue being made
>  available or any possibility to secure a surplus copy.


NAFEX will publish a new handbook in the future.  Reprinting the old handbook
is up to the original author.

May I suggest that you borrow a copy form the NAFEX Library and put an ad in
Pomona to see if anyone wants to sell a copy.

Watch our web site for reprints of Fred Janson's articles.  For the new
members, Fred was one of the founding fathers of NAFEX and in my opinion, one
of the most literate editors and contributors of Pomona.

David Ulmer

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