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Re: [nafex] sulfur & peppers

Hi Victoria,
From what I have been able to observe, peppers need warmth. This is why your red plastic improved results. I have grown a few peppers for years with so-so results until I tried growing them in green house conditions. Of course, I live in zone 3. We build a wooden structure low to the ground (5" high which even I have to walk under in a bent position, but, the green house is not for me its for the plants. It's about 10" long and 6" to 7" wide. The plastic sides stay up partially in the summer. Last year, I planted a lot of peppers in the green house and the rest I planted in the garden at the same time. I was able to observe that the same plants were doing so much better in the green house. In the garden the peppers where small with thin flesh. In the green house, they were thick flesh, and beautiful. Ideal peppers. The soil was the same and the peppers were planted at the same time. The only difference was the environment which was warmer and no doubt more humid. Last year was a first trial for green house peppers as I had given up growing them. I had noticed that cucumbers do better in the green house as well as tomatoes and melons. I actually can grow melons in the green house!
This year, I planted many peppers in the green house as well as eggplants and Okra and I planted three of the same peppers in the warmest spot in the garden. We'll see.
Hélène, zone 3
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Sent: Monday, June 04, 2001 8:31 AM
Subject: [nafex] sulfur & peppers

After reading the latest postings on sulfur and peppers I got an idea. I
always grow hot cherry peppers but they aren't the greatest producers,
at least not here. I've tried all kind of stuff including matches and
mulches, red plastic mulch was the best.
Anyway, since I have plenty of MSM, a sulfur nutrient I use for both
myself and two of the horses, I thought I would try some on half the
pepper plants. The plants are still in packs so it will be easy to see
if there is an immediate - obvious - visible result. I'll transplant
later this week and monitor differences as the summer goes.
....................vic NH zone 3

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