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Re: [nafex] sulfur & peppers


Why not test the magnesium idea too (epsom salts).

I usually water mine in when planting with a strong solution of
lime/sulfur spray (dormant levels), so I don't know if thelittle bit of
sulfur in the 6 pack flat will make any difference.

What I really need for my peppers is some SUN and HEAT!  Will this damp,
cold spring ever end?

The only bright spot is the chuckle I will get when they send out the
water restrictions to the township, telling us to limit water use, when I
already have to wear a life preserver to mow the backyard. (smile)


Thomas Olenio
Ontario, Hardiness Zone 6a

On Mon, 4 Jun 2001, victoria l. caron wrote:

> After reading the latest postings on sulfur and peppers I got an idea. I
> always grow hot cherry peppers but they aren't the greatest producers,
> at least not here. I've tried all kind of stuff including matches and
> mulches, red plastic mulch was the best.
> Anyway, since I have plenty of MSM, a sulfur nutrient I use for both
> myself and two of the horses, I thought I would try some on half the
> pepper plants. The plants are still in packs so it will be easy to see
> if there is an immediate - obvious - visible result. I'll transplant
> later this week and monitor differences as the summer goes.
> ....................vic NH zone 3
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