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Re: [nafex] Saskatoons

At 01:25 PM 06/04/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>A few weeks ago there was a lot of interchange on NAFEX regarding
>"saskatoons". I am fascinated. Would it do well here in Maine, Zone 5? How do
>I go about sampling the fruit and how would I purchase some seedlings for
>next spring if I decided to do so? Thanks, Waite Maclin

I've got no doubt that they'd do just fine in Z5 Maine, though, as a number 
of folks have indicated, cedar-serviceberry rust can be a problem in some 
areas - thus far, mine have not been afflicted.

I've purchased most of my named-variety saskatoon/juneberry(A.alnifolia) 
selections from Bill MacKently's St. Lawrence Nurseries(Bill's the NAFEX 
Winter Hardiness Consultant).  Bill has a large collection of Amelanchier 
selections, but doesn't offer them all every year.  I've been quite pleased 
with the plant materials I've purchased from SLN in the past; check out the 
online catalog at:


My alnifolias and obovata(Jennybelle) bushes set very few fruit this year, 
or perhaps very few survived the late freezes we experienced on 15 & 16 
April, but two mature A.laevis trees at the public library in town set 
bumper crops of fruit.

Lucky Pittman
USDA Zone 6
Hopkinsville, KY


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