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Re: [nafex] Modified Approach? apples

Thomas Olenio wrote:

> Hello All,
> Does anyone have a modified program for protecting apples, which combines
> the best of organic practices, with the lightest, most effective spray
> program?
> There must be a middle ground somewhere between the two techniques.  They
> need not be polar extremes.
> I would love to read some of these combinations, and the rational behind
> them.

     My response------

     The response from Joe Hecksel was/is the most accurate and/or practical
for growing apples with the least amount of care and/or pest control.
     Another important factor to consider is localized pest dynamics.  Or,
prior to making any decision on controls, one must identify local
pests and they vary like crazy for a host of reasons.
     After a seven year stint with so-called "organics" in a commercial
situation (this certainly was the identifing period!), it took me 3 years to
modify or come up with a program which worked here in mid zone 6 and for
commercial purpose (90%+ salable fruit).  Since then
the program continues to be refined based on so-called periodic pests, all of
which fluctuate from year to year.

     Hope this helps.



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