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[nafex] Calcium Build Up


There was talk a while back about (cannot remember name of the stuff)
dusting fruit trees to present a barrier to insect damage.  My question
is; Would calcium disolved in the water present a similar barrier?

In our area we have the second hardest water in Ontario, and when it dries
it leaves a white film.  Doesn't matter if it is a car being washed or the
foliar feeding of a plant, lots of calcium in the water, ALWAYS a film
when it dries.

After reading the postings regarding water PH and chemcial half lifes, I
decided not to use our hard well water for my limited spraying, and buy
water that was pure for chemical spraying.

Now I am wondering if I should not spray chemicals with the "clean" water,
and later spray with our "calcium" water to add a white film barrier.

Anyone have any experiece with very hard water and spraying?


Thomas Olenio
Ontario, Hardiness Zone 6a


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