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[nafex] apricot shock treatment

Early this spring I dug and stored 14 two to three year old manchurian 
apricots for grafting. A generous Nafexer sent me a number of hardy 
varieties to graft, so I top grafted the now potted apricots. The wood 
looked quite healthy. I kept them in a warm environment as instructed. 3 of 
the 14 plants leafed out, with a success on those of only 2 grafts,  a big 
disapointment. Eventually I moved the potted apricots outdoors, and figured 
they were all mysteriously dead and ready to dump them.
Problem is, there is still green anywhere I thumb scratch the bark.  And I 
just saw the barest sign of a leaf showing on one. The temp is now 65-70. Do 
they need some kind of shock treatment like is done for seeds to break their 
strange dormancy? The 3 that did leaf out look fine with 3" of growth.  Mn. 
Del, dreaming of apricot jam.
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