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Re: [nafex] apricot shock treatment

Do you know what the chill requirements are for Manchurian Apricots? Maybe you
were really close to the limit when you brought them in and some had enough
chill hours to break dormancy and others did not. If this could be the case,
maybe it's possible ??? to add on chill hours later. I don't know if it works
that way.
vic NH zone 3

del stubbs wrote:

> Early this spring I dug and stored 14 two to three year old manchurian
> apricots for grafting. A generous Nafexer sent me a number of hardy
> varieties to graft, so I top grafted the now potted apricots. The wood
> looked quite healthy. I kept them in a warm environment as instructed. 3 of
> the 14 plants leafed out, with a success on those of only 2 grafts,  a big
> disapointment. Eventually I moved the potted apricots outdoors, and figured
> they were all mysteriously dead and ready to dump them.
> Problem is, there is still green anywhere I thumb scratch the bark.  And I
> just saw the barest sign of a leaf showing on one. The temp is now 65-70. Do
> they need some kind of shock treatment like is done for seeds to break their
> strange dormancy? The 3 that did leaf out look fine with 3" of growth.  Mn.
> Del, dreaming of apricot jam.
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