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Re: [nafex] An infamous borer?

Here are two adresses that you might find of interest on the subject of borers :
http://web.utk.edu/~extepp/pat/wdo/31-60/pages/44.htm . www.spcbtx.org/consumer/woodtrees
The first one shows the picture of the particular apple tree borer that I spent the weekend struggling with and the second one, by the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, gives an overall description of the many borers that exists in Texas, and here too, I discovered.
Hélène, zone 3
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Sent: Sunday, June 17, 2001 8:06 PM
Subject: Re: [nafex] An infamous borer?

There are quite a few borer species that can attack apple trees. I am pasting here part of a message from the apple-crop list that lists many.

From the apple-crop list, May 16, 2001:

Some recommended controls of:

Roundheaded appletree borer: Pouring boiling water into the borer's
entrances or chambers, or using a flexible wire for locating the
deep-tunneled borers, or cutting them out of the shallower tunnels with a

Dogwood twig borer: Cutting out and burning the infested twigs.

Flatheaded appletree borer: Shade the trunks of young trees in early spring
and summer, as the beetles are attracted to sun-warmed trunks; or removing
them with wire or a knife and then painting the tree's wound(s); the best
controls of this insect are the preventative ones.

Pacific flatheaded borer: The larva mines both injured and normal trees,
with a preference for limbs exposed to the sun.

Shothole borer: Keeping the trees in good vigorous health and well-watered
is advised to minimize attacks by this species. Also remove and burn
prunings and dying trees. Another recommended control is to whitewash the
lower trunk and branches during egglaying.

If I can locate more-updated (or more specific) information, I'll gladly
pass it on to you.

Kyle Dayton
Rose Family Books


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Do you know the name of the apple tree borer?


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