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[nafex] two apple questions

1)  Two of my three apple trees (one baby jonathan on M111, one adult
seedling crab) have several leaves that have turned yellow and are
dropping.  I suspect water stress.  We had two or three weeks of very
dry sunny weather, and I neglected to water the baby (and didn't intend
to water the adult.)  It just rained an inch or so.  Does that sound
like what the problem is?  Is there anything in particular I ought to

2)  My third tree has no problem with yellowing leaves.  It does,
however, have several leaves with a disease or insect.  From the top,
there is a brown spot ranging from 1/8 to 1/4 inch or so.  It is
surrounded by an orange and yellow donut, and the rest of the leaf looks
healthy and green.  I assumed it was some fungus, perhaps scab.  I just
noticed that on the bottom of some of the larger spots there is a
swelling of green tissue, with little fuzzy "hairs" emerging.  They are
up to 1/8 inch long, and look like the fuzzy structure that grow on some
insects in form (although they are clearly growing from the leaf, and
not an attached insect.  Does anyone know what this is?  A large
fraction of the apples (a small yellow seedling crab) seem to be heavily
russetted.  The rest are still smooth and green.  Is this related?  The
apples are worthless except to the squirrels, and the tree looks
otherwise healthy and vigorous.

Ginda Fisher
eastern Mass.  zone 6

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