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Re: [nafex] zone 3 blackberries ?

Anytime you want to try blackberries that are native to zone 3, I would be glad
to send you some roots in the fall. I have found them to be less brittle in the
fall than in the spring when they tend to break a lot in handling and planting.
We have so many huge wild blackberries here and also, Ken Parr, Vermont zone 3
NAFEXer is presently exploring northern strains both in Vermont and I believe,
Quebec. Armando Bona is more familiar with that project and occasionally we hear
from him here on the group. Are you listening Armando? :-)
vic NH zone 3

del stubbs wrote:

> Just had our first taste here in Z2/3 of real blackberries! This is their
> third year, I believe they're called Illini Hardy- an upright "zone 5"
> blackberry. Have got 10 nice bunches that are getting good color, so no
> problem with fall frost.
> I keep trimming them at knee height, and plan to just wrap the patch around
> with old wood slat snow fence...hoping to keep them snow covered all winter.
> they proved way too brittle to bend over at any stage of growth, but it
> seems this top pruning is forcing lower laterals that will form next years
> floricanes.
> Am also trying Chester thornless, they seem a bit less hardy and seem to
> ripen a bit too late, but some are showing color. they're a trailing type so
> the pruning isn't so necesary.  Mn. Del
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