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Re: [nafex] on pectin and juices

Hi Victoria. Try making jam (not jelly) with the red currants and raspberries. It is superb!


>>> "victoria l. caron" <vicaron@gis.net> 08/14 8:18 am >>>
Because summer is so busy, I often either freeze fruits, berries or
veggies or juice and process during a more quiet time of year. Besides
the convenience of being able to schedule these tasks when time is
available, it also allows me to mix and match some fruits and berries
that do not come into season together into combination jellies or
I have also used grape, currant and raspberry juices to mix with apple
cider which we often freeze too. What I freeze most often though are
tomatoes. As they reach peak dark red, I pop them into the freezer in
tripled plastic grocery bags and take them out to make juice or sauce at
the first opportunity. It's great to be able to do as much or as little
as I want at any given time and have them evenly and totally ripe.
Speaking of pectin, I noticed a few years back when my native plum jelly
came out chewy that these plums contain lots of pectin. Now when there
is a decent crop, I freeze juice from them. I add about one cup to other
juices to make jelly. The Pomona pectin sounds great too because I would
assume using less sugar in the recipe must make for more fruit flavor in
the finished product.
Does anyone have a favorite recipe for red currants? I have so many!
They are not strong flavored and although they make a nice jelly, it's
just jelly. I have been mixing it half & half with my red raspberries
for jelly, but could use more options. There are about 4 gallons in my
freezer now.
vic NH zone 3


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