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[nafex] Re: on pectin and juices

Ed Mashburn's site (Northumberland Berry Works) has a recipe for red 
currant sorbet:  http://www.currants.com/redcur.html

--- In nafex@y..., "victoria l. caron" <vicaron@g...> wrote:
> Because summer is so busy, I often either freeze fruits, berries or
> veggies or juice and process during a more quiet time of year. 
> the convenience of being able to schedule these tasks when time is
> available, it also allows me to mix and match some fruits and 
> that do not come into season together into combination jellies or
> juices.
> I have also used grape, currant and raspberry juices to mix with 
> cider which we often freeze too. What I freeze most often though are
> tomatoes. As they reach peak dark red, I pop them into the freezer 
> tripled plastic grocery bags and take them out to make juice or 
sauce at
> the first opportunity. It's great to be able to do as much or as 
> as I want at any given time and have them evenly and totally ripe.
> Speaking of pectin, I noticed a few years back when my native plum 
> came out chewy that these plums contain lots of pectin. Now when 
> is a decent crop, I freeze juice from them. I add about one cup to 
> juices to make jelly. The Pomona pectin sounds great too because I 
> assume using less sugar in the recipe must make for more fruit 
flavor in
> the finished product.
> Does anyone have a favorite recipe for red currants? I have so many!
> They are not strong flavored and although they make a nice jelly, 
> just jelly. I have been mixing it half & half with my red 
> for jelly, but could use more options. There are about 4 gallons in 
> freezer now.
> vic NH zone 3

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