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Re: [nafex] jubilee pear-for da dogs?

Can't say I've tried Jubilee, but having tasted a LOT of pears in the
collection at the National Clonal Germplasm Repository at Corvallis, Oregon,
I learned that the majority of European pears used for fresh eating are not
good when ripened on the tree.  They are much better when picked mature,
then either held in cold storage for a while, or at least allowed to mature
off the tree.  Some winter pears, like D'Anjou, aren't much good at all
until they have spent two or three months in the cooler before being brought
out to ripen.  Only a few pears, such as Seckel, will ripen to good quality
on the tree.  Even Bartlett usually has a smoother, juicier texture if
picked mature and ripened off the tree.  Perhaps you need to try that with

>> --
>> Thomas Olenio
>> Ontario, Hardiness Zone 6a
>> On Thu, 6 Sep 2001, del stubbs wrote:
>> > My fruit growing neighbor just had the long awaited moment----their
>> > pear to bear fruit is their 4 year old jubilee. they waited till it was
>> > just
>> > soft, like a ripe pear, both took a bite and both spit it out the same,
>> > so
>> > bitter they couldn't eat it, said it was dog food.
>> > I have 4 other kinds of pears in the works, maybe I'll wait a bit before
>> > grafting scions from this tree.
>> >
>> > Anyone have a jubilee? comments?  Mn. Del
>> >

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