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Re: [nafex] jubilee pear-for da dogs?

It's been nearly ten years since I grafted a stick of Summercrisp onto a
Bartlett(?) that was here when I bought the place.  Took five years before it
bore its first (lousy) fruit - tiny, astringent, bitter, etc.  This year,
however, the year of the drought to end all droughts, it finally produced
(though only a few)
very delicious fruit of respectable size.  Strange to me, though I know
almost nothing about pears, was that they ripened beautifully on the tree.  In
fact, I never would have thought to pick them at this (early) stage of the
game, until I tasted one that had dropped.  Now tempted to hang onto this one
a little longer, even though I've converted most of my other Euros to Asians. 
My point here is simply that perhaps a few more years of bearing might see the
Jubilee come into its own, though I admit that I don't know if Jubilee is
reputed to have any intrinsic merit.  Just a thought.

Lucky Pittman wrote:
> At 05:57 PM 09/06/2001 +0000, Del wrote:
> >My fruit growing neighbor just had the long awaited moment----their first
> >pear to bear fruit is their 4 year old jubilee. they waited till it was just
> >soft, like a ripe pear, both took a bite and both spit it out the same, so
> >bitter they couldn't eat it. I have 4 other kinds of pears in the works,
> >maybe I'll wait a bit before
> >grafting scions from this tree.
> >Anyone have a jubilee? Comments?

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