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[nafex] Sweet 16 Seedling

Hello all:

We had 60 MPH (100 KPH) winds this weekend.  It shortened some of my
trees.  The Northern Spy/M26 broke off 2" above the ground.  That tree
was the host of a branch of a Sweet 16 open pollinated seedling.

Stuck with a bad situation, I collected bud wood and budded a couple of
trees, although it is really late in the season to hope for much
success.  I will hold some of the wood over and use it for dormant wood

I will be tickled to share some of these budsticks, especially to
anybody in longer season areas.  I am afraid that I will lose the
selection because of the late season.

Seedling similar to Sweet 16 in flavor profile.  Skin is less colored
and less susceptible to russet.  Size is slightly (1/2" to 1/4") smaller
than Sweet 16.  Shape is flatter.  Flesh color is darker.  This
selection ripens about 10 days later than Sweet 16.  Growth habit
appears to be more spurry than Sweet 16.  Seedling was selected out of a
bed of seedlings on the basis of foliage health....free from scab,
mildew, and general yuckiness.  On the downside, Plum Curculio seem to
prefer this fruit to all others.

Best regards, Joe


                                    -Joe Hecksel
                                     Eaton Rapids, Michigan

I fish because I love to; 
because I love the environs where trout are found, 
which are invariably beautiful
... because trout do not lie or cheat 
and cannot be bought or bribed 
or impressed by power, 
but respond only to 
and humility 
and endless patience... 

-John Voelker (aka Robert Traver)

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