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[nafex] Re: seek info -Triumph(e) de Boskoop apple

Muriel W. G. Smiths's "National Apple Register of the United Kingdom"
(London, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, 1971), does not 
list any Triumph or Triomphe de Boskoop. I find that strongly 
suggestive although not absolutely conclusive.

Belle de Boskoop is described as:

Parentage: apparently a bud sport of Reinette de Montfort.

Origin: The Netherlands, found at Boskoop near Gouda by K. J. W. 
Ottolander in 1856.

Description: Size medium to large 70:60 mm; shape intermediate to 
flat, rectangular, convex; skin yellow flushed red with russet; flesh 
firm, yellow; flavour acid,aromatic; season very late; triploid. 

>From memory of other writings,it was popular in Germany and 
Switzerland for home growing at mid 20th century and may be still.
Some scab resistance. Tree large and very vigourous. One writer said 
that in Germany it was considered a "man's apple" due to its strong 
and tart flavour.
I gather that it was not considered an ultimate gourmet apple but was 
liked for its combination of quality, fairly long keeping, 
versatility of use, yield and ease of growing.

Doug Woodard
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

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> A 02:08 01.09.15 -0400, vous avez écrit :
> >Hello all
> >Would like info on above apple.
> >Origin, cold hardiness, early/late ripening/keeping quality of    
> >fruit and
> >anything else you'd like to tell me
> >Thank you in advance
> >Bert
> >
> >Bert Dunn   RR4 Tottenham   Ont    zone 4b

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