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Re: [nafex] Memorial for WTC

   I disagree, as I do with all the stuff that is now stuck along our 
highways and streets where someone had died. There soul or nothing else is 
there. I have a great regard for those that died. But our highways etc. are 
becoming a distraction and may be causing more accidents.

Gordon C. Nofs
Flint, Michigan

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From: claude sweet <sweetent@home.com>
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Subject: [nafex] Memorial for WTC
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 17:28:41 -0700

Should there be some concerted effort to memorize the living and those
who died at the WTC and the Pentagon?

I hope that when the dead are recovered from the WTC site, surrounding
buildings with catastrophic damage are imploded, and the debris is
cleared that plans are developed to construct a memorial park on the
site. Let us not forget those who perished in the planes and in the

Reflective pools, fountains, lawns, flower beds, paths, and benches
would provide a suitable memorial to reflect upon the loss of life and
provide a fitting setting for a building housing artifacts of the
tragedy so future generations will not forget the collective individual
heroic efforts to respond to those in need. Hopeful this permanent
reminder will help to prevent such events in the future.

I personally feel the decision not to rebuild the government building in
Oklahoma City was the right decision and hope the same decision will
occur in New York City. Perhaps a special memorial can be added to the
reflective pond the Lincoln Memorial at Washington DC.

In my opinion, there is no question "If there should be a memorial".
There are two basic issues to be considered:
1. The question of what type of memorial;
2. Where to locate such a memorial.

We can and should discuss the form of a memorial. I strongly urge a
park. I understand the primary purpose of this forum does not lend
itself to debating the location and funding sources of a memorial(s).

Everyone involved in the horticultural industry (manufacturers,
suppliers, distributors, and gardeners like ourselves) can add different
perspectives to the discussion of how best to design a park constructed
as a memorial projects. In my opinion, supporting such memorials should
be as important as any efforts to punish those who planned and carried
out the attack.

The scope of this disaster will impact history and a fitting memorial
can help to focus the attention of the world on positive solutions such
as removing root causes of hatred, discrimination, persecution, and poverty.

I urge everyone to participate in discussions of a memorial of this
event. We should be especially tolerant of people who hold different
points of view from our own. I would suggest that people can be
patriotic and not wish to return to work in any commercial building(s)
erected at the WTC site. Lets remember the anguish of the people who
have been directly affected and who will carry the scars for the rest of
their lives.

Claude Sweet
San Diego, CA

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