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[nafex] Re: Pest resistant apples

Ed wrote:  I've a few friends who live in cities who claim not to have that
many pests in fruit trees.

OUCH!  Now you are getting into sensitive subjects.  I am still waiting for
my local plums, dug from trees in town, to make those nice clean crops the
parent trees were making.  These were sprouts from own root trees.  Well,
while I wait and watch the curculio eat my plums each year, this year I got
to pick plums from 2 trees several blocks apart in town.  One was a smallish
young tree, the other a monster purple leaf plum.  At last we'll have plum
wine again!
   Some years back, I had found a really nice Golden Delicious tree in town,
that managed not to drop it's fruit prematurely like most of them do here.
I had grafted a tree from it, but later on that year, while the tree was
still in it's pot, I checked the parent for fruit ripeness.  I noted that a
section of each branch had CAR, while the leaves above and below were clean.
I thought, ah yes, that must have been from a couple of rainy weeks that we
had. Then I turned and looked all around.  In a 360 degree sweep I did not
see a single cedar tree.  I gave my tree away.  We have lots of cedars on
our property, and the infected section of those branches showed me what my
entire tree would've looked like.
    The one good fruit growing thing I can definitely say about life in the
country is that we are at least allowed to shoot squirrels.  We won't get
overrun like the city folks I hear moaning and groaning about their gardens
being eaten, no sirree.  However, we never see squirrels at our place.
Never, which seems kind of odd.   Then I read:  if you live in the country
and don't see squirrels, chances are you have the nocturnal kind.  In the
last year, 2 of these critters have showed up, terminated by our cats.  I
hate to think what kind of weapon it would take to shoot 2 oz flying
squirrels in the dark.....

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