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Re: [RibesNAFEX] Callousing Pail

In a message dated 9/27/01 4:21:50 PM Eastern Daylight Time, tolenio@sentex.net writes:

I have a question for you regarding the callousing of currant cuttings.
What is your opinion of a callousing pail?


I have no experience with callousing pails.  I take cuttings just as soon as the plants start to go dormant and stick them through black plastic over a prepared bed. Here in Central PA that is usually about mid to late October. The ground will not freeze until late December, so the cuttings generally start rooting in the fall, and will start growing in early to mid March. This way I have salable plants the following fall. I prefer fall planting if possible.

If your pails are maintained at 42 (F), I would think that you would get rooting on most of the cuttings over the winter. Try some with the bottoms down to see.

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