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[nafex] Re: Raspberries, blackberries, and fungus

    If you look at the underside of the leaves and there are orange 
dots, then the disease is probably orange rust.  Orange rust from my 
exeperience and what I've read, is systemic to the plant (meaning you 
can't treat or spray the plant), and pretty much shuts production of 
fruit down.  I'm not sure if OR looks orange at this time of year or 
only in mid-season.

One blessing you have is that red raspberries appear to be immune to 
OR.  But black raspberries are not.

Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6

--- In nafex@y..., Ginda Fisher <ginda@c...> wrote:
> I have a short row of Fall Red raspberries, which is just about 
> bearing its fall crop.  I also have lots of small wild 
> The blackberries are a weed - rarely fruitful, and the fruit they do
> bear is very small (typically 2-6 druplets per berry), seedy, and 
> so-so in flavor.  They also have fierce thorns.  I can't get rid of
> them, because they are rampant just across the property line in two
> directions, but I do cut them back and occasionally pull them out.  
> would pull them out more often if not for the thorns.)  The 
> plants on my property are all small, but there are some big canes 
in my
> neighbor's thicket.  
> I just noticed that many of the blackberries have leaves that look
> freckled - lots of small yellow dots.  They are fairly round, less 
> an eighth of an inch, and on close inspection, look very fungal to 
> I haven't seen any freckles on the raspberries, but am worried about
> possiible contagion.  There are more spots on the blackberries in my
> yard, because most of the ones in the neighbors' yards have turned 
> for the year.  It's been very dry for the last three months, and my
> blackberries have probably kept green because they are relatively 
> to baby trees that I've been irrigating.  I haven't actually 
watered the
> blackberries, but I'm sure the ground is damper by proximity to 
stuff I
> have watered.  The blackberries grow in light shade.
> Anyone know what this is, and whether I should worry, and if so, 
what I
> should do?
> Thanks,
> Ginda Fisher
> eastern Mass., zone 6
> p.s.  To those of you who've wished me more berries:  The fall crop 
> raspberries has been abundant enough to make it inside.  We've even
> filled small dishes and given them to friends.  We haven't had 
enough to
> make jam, but that's okay - this is the one crop that we can nibble 
> for months, but that doesn't demand that we process it before it
> spoils.  It did ripen much earlier this year than last - probably
> because I've watered it.  I think raspberries (or at least, this
> raspberry) just hold their little white berries until there is 
plenty of
> water, and then ripen a few berries in each cluster.

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