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[nafex] Persimmons

Gordon mentioned a couple of my  persimmon 'discoveries' that he's trialing 
there in Flint.
Let me give a little more info on these two, and if anyone on the list is 
interested in trying them, I can supply scions next spring.

"Shepard Rd." - roadside tree, good straight timber-type growth.  Fruits 
were ripe and dropping here in southern west-central KY on 1 Sept last 
year(2000), about two weeks later this year(2001)

"SFES" - another roadside tree, in the fencerow across from my kids' 
elementary school.  At this time, I'm presuming it to be a 'bisexual' male 
or polygamodioiecious tree(I've not managed to stop by & examine flowers 
during its bloom period).  It produces mostly small(1") seedless fruits, 
but maybe 10% will be normal size(1.5"), but never contain more than one 
developed seed.  I pulped out a couple of gallons of fruit from this one 
last year, and only ended up with about 30 seeds - I'd usually get that 
many out of a half-dozen typical persimmon fruits.

Also have access to another tree, here in town that I call "816", it bears 
heavy crops every year, usually ripe around 20 Sept, but it's just 
beginning to drop ripe fruits now, so it's running a little behind 
normal.  Big, tasty, yellow-fleshed fruits, usually all ripe and gone 
before freezing weather set in.  Limbs are bent to the ground this year, 
it's cropping so heavily.

Lucky Pittman
USDA Zone 6
Hopkinsville, KY

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