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Re: [nafex] Looking for European plum recommendation

Ed and Ginda,
The Dester plum has shown no sign of brown rot for the three years I've grown
it.  Brown rot used to be a severe annual problem during all the years I tried
to grow Sungold and Moongold apricots on seedling rootstock.  Now that I've switched
to Puget Gold on St. Julian -A  I rarely seen brown rot except on peaches and
plums that have dropped or have been allowed to remain on the trees too long
(and I'm not even sure that the rot I see in those cases  is, in fact, Brown
Rot, as the trees
themselves manifest no symptoms.)  Several clients of mine have trees infected
with black knot, but I have never seen it in my own orchard.  Though religious
with cover sprays (Captan being the fungicide of choice after bloom) through
the month of June, I then usually cease all sprays except in unusually wet
years (and this year I tried thinning with Carbaryl in June.)  July, August
and September are historically quite droughty here, this year probably being 
the worst of the last fifteen: perhaps that's why BR
isn't too big an issue here.  Incidentally, Gouldsboro is hardly a "very
northern locale." We are only a third of the way up the state of Maine: two
thirds of the state exist to the north of us, and a large portion falls in
Zone 3.  We are in Zone 5 - and count our blessings.
Best regards,

Ed & Pat Fackler wrote:
> Richard:
>      Care to comment on its resistance to Brown Rot if indeed this is a problem in your very northern locale>>?
> Ed
> Richard and Dan:
>         I'm also curious how susceptible it is to black knot.
> Thanks,
> Ginda Fisher 

> "Richard J. Ossolinski" wrote:
> > Chris,
> > I was a fortunate recipient of some of Dan's "Dester" scionwood a few years
> > ago and will vouch for its excellence as grown here in coastal ME, zone 5.  I
> > think it would be a great 'drier' - great texture and lots of sugar.
> > Richard
> >
> > applesrgood@webtv.net wrote:
> > >
> > > Chris. I have a plum seedling that I grow that originally came from
> > > Seattle area about sixty years ago. I propagate it from root suckers. I
> > > also give scions out. It is very good tasting and is very freestone. I
> > > call it the Dester. My first initial and then my last name. Let me know
> > > the first part of next year if you should want some scions.
> > > Dan Ester
> > > Eugene, Oregon>
> >
> > > One thing that I'm thinking is that the prunes would have to be split
> > > > to easily go into the food drier

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