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Re: [nafex] Asian Pear cracking

spiralfarm@yahoo.com wrote:

> Hello NAFEX,
> I would like to find out more about the causes of cracking in Asian
> Pears and ways to minimize or prevent it. I understand that some
> varieties are more susceptible. What is your experience.
> My Shinko pears have cracked more in the last 2 or 3 years. I thought
> that they looked good in the earlier years. The tree was planted in 93
> from a one year old grafted whip. I have other varieties but younger
> trees, some are cracking, some have less cracking but they are just
> starting to produce fruits. The trees have drip irrigation and
> occasionally sprinklers are turned on. They are planted in a well
> drained silty loam topsoil the subsoil is silty clay. They are
> mulched with wood chips and get a light dressing of composted manure
> in the spring.

     My response---------

     The primary reason for fruit cracking is erratic growth patters caused by too much rain (irrigation) and too much avaible N (which is often
caused by excessive water.
     I'd cut back on irrigation severely and see what happens.

     Hope this helps.

Ed, So. Indiana USA, Heaven , etc

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