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[nafex] Re: Black Walnut Roots

I skimmed the book for an answer to your question and although there 
is a lot of material on soil, about water and oxygen and plant 
physiology, it did not explain your questions. I have to say I don't 
know what they meant by that and I can see how it seems contradictory.
Kevin B
Oh, as far as root symbiosis, I think that they simply mean that the 
persimmon benefits from being next to the walnut, I don't know that 
the walnut benefits. The book was saying that the relationship should 
be investigated, I don't think there is any science proving that 
there is a symbiosis in its literal meaning, could be wrong.

--- In nafex@y..., "del stubbs" <pinewoodel@h...> wrote:
> Root questions, I deleted out non-related material to expose my 
> question.....How could the "deep roots drawing up moisture " of one 
> possibly help another, does it leak out the sides of the roots and 
thus help 
> a shallow rooter?
> But the next line mentions "root stress induced" so I'm a bit 
> And "root symbiosis", do they share chemicals or microrganisms or?
> I wonder how all this relates to a choice of grass, forbes, clovers 
etc as 
> ground cover in an orchard, and they're root depth.  Mn. Del

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