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[nafex] Radiation worries

For those following the developments of the US Postal Service to prevent 
the delivery of anthrax spores, I am posting a message from 
hortiholic@home.com posted on the garden writers list.

I hope it will clarify the effects of irradiation on plants, seeds, 
bulbs. A 40 million dollar order for 10 machines has been placed by the 
postal service and the first will be delivered in 30 days. I am sure 
Washington D.C. will get priority.

It is uncertain what actions will be taken by United Parcel, Federal 
Express, Airborne Express, and other private package delivery services 
to prevent infected packages from access to their business delivery 

Claude Sweet
San Diego, CA

Dan Heims wrote:

I delved into the subject of these Gamma (and x-ray irradiators) with 
Doug Huston head of the State of Oregon Department of Energy (Nuclear 
Sit down. You remember my chart of dosages- what causes mutations/ what 
causes death. My worst fears are being confirmed.
He is talking exposures in Krads and had even heard of a Megarad dosage.

This will kill:
All seed
All plants
All animals and pets

This will scramble:
Credit Cards
Computers, PDAs
All magnetic media

This will expose:
Any undeveloped film.

My suggestion of a lead-lined film pouch for protection was put aside.  Two
of lead would be required to protect from these dosages.

We will persevere, but until this lunacy ends -use UPS or Fed-Ex or DHL.
(then again, how many
tainted packages would it take to force them to use the same equipment?)

How many liberties are we willing to give up?
Doug said the US Post Office is the place to respond.
What is YOUR response?
-Dan Heims

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