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Re: [nafex] Radiation worries

Hello All,

Let's not worry about this too much.

There will most certainly be alternate postal inspection processes for all
the various items that will be damaged by gamma sterilization.

You can be sure there will be a mail stream for simmple letters, bills,
magazines, newspapers and anything that will not be harmed by gamma rays.
And a stream of mail for credit cards, computer media, plants and all
those that would be damaged by gamma rays.

I do not know what form the alternate mail stream will take, but we have
plenty of ingenious people in North America who will sort it out, and keep
all the mail safe.

It could be as simple as the USPS vacuum sealing mail that is not gamma
exposed in plastic, and placing a warning on it to the recipient that it
was not sterilized.  Sort of a "recipient beware" scenario.  But if you
were expecting plant material in the mail, it would not pose a threat to you.

So if a layman lke me can come up with a solution this easily the experts
will have no problem either, with a better idea.

There is no point worrying ourselves over a problem that may never occur.



On Mon, 29 Oct 2001, claude sweet wrote:

> For those following the developments of the US Postal Service to prevent
> the delivery of anthrax spores, I am posting a message from
> hortiholic@home.com posted on the garden writers list.
> I hope it will clarify the effects of irradiation on plants, seeds,
> bulbs. A 40 million dollar order for 10 machines has been placed by the
> postal service and the first will be delivered in 30 days. I am sure
> Washington D.C. will get priority.
> It is uncertain what actions will be taken by United Parcel, Federal
> Express, Airborne Express, and other private package delivery services
> to prevent infected packages from access to their business delivery
> systems.
> Claude Sweet
> San Diego, CA

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