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[nafex] Wool tags as mulch

Folks, as a follow-up to the ongoing discussion about using wool as a 
mulch, this response came across the Grazersedge discussion list, where 
they were also discussing the same topic.  I'd not considered the 
dung/urine component of dirty wool, but depending upon the level of 
soiling, it could conceivably be source of N, resulting in some enhanced 
growth in plants mulched with wool.

>Mark Ludwig wrote:
> > Chris,
> > What's a wool tag?
> > Mark
>did anyone answer this?
>When the fleece is shorn it goes onto a slatted table for skirting, that 
>is removing the less valuable parts.  Wool tags
>specifically are the dirty dung tags off the back end of the sheep, but 
>are used more loosely as all of the material removed from
>the fleece.  The skirtings go into several different barrels, depending 
>upon length and type of contamination (bellies, paint,
>dung, vegie matter).    The short  material that falls through the slats 
>and the dung tags have the lowest value and at present
>are not even sellable as the transportation will eat up the value of the 
>wool.  As pointed out they may be rich in other

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