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Re: [nafex] Deer and fishing line

deer are naturally cautious creatures, but can become
conditioned to eat fruit/buds.
I would certainly add white or holographic tape
streamers to a fishing line "scare barrier"...If they
are already conditioned to enter your orchard, you
need a 10 foot fence/tethered rottweiler/buckets of
poop/spoiled garlic/floodlights, etc.  I've used
blackplastic for 3 years, the first year they bent the
re-bar and tore up the fence a couple times, but so
far so good this harvest season.  I have a fishing
line scare tape above the 8 foot fencing on the back
and 2 strands starting above the 4 foot wire rabbit
fence at the front (visible) side of the orchard. 
They won't jump over a narrow strip garden very
easily. A buck that likes crab apples or a special
bedding site will easily jump 10 plus feet.

boyd manges z5 N. Michigan

   --- "Raby, Brian {20-4~Indianapolis}"
> All,
> Back to this subject.  Past postings on this subject
> have conveyed the
> information that fishing line, 6 pound test,
> postitioned at 18" above ground
> level, does an effective job of keeping deer out of
> an area.  I finally
> tried this a couple days after Thanksgiving, setting
> out two lines.  One at
> 18", one at 30" in height.  The deer just walked
> right through it.  Should I
> have used a heavier test line?  Were the height of
> the lines correct?
> Thanks in advance for your feedback.
> Brian Raby
> Sheridan, IN,  zone 5b
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