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Re: [nafex] Deer and fishing line


I am using it(monofilament) for muscadines and pecans.
 I have it about waist level to chest high (40-50
inches).  I put a second line behind it, about 6', 10
inches higher-I thought maybe they would jump over the

This is a weekend farm so I have no personal
observations however the property used to be a deer
hunting camp.  I have not seen any evidence of deer
being amongst the muscadines or pecans.  However there
are plenty of food sources elsewhere nearby.  

>From what I understand about keeping deer out of an
area you are trying to change their traffic pattern ie
make them go around your garden.  The fishing line
just annoys them and they veer another direction to
get where they are going.  The second part of that is
there should be something just as good to eat nearby
and to a lesser extent good cover.

I have also heard of using and electric wire 18" above
the ground.  This would be more durable and persuasive
than monofilament.


Rob Moorhead
Mt Hermon, LA

--- "Raby, Brian {20-4~Indianapolis}"
> All,
> Back to this subject.  Past postings on this subject
> have conveyed the
> information that fishing line, 6 pound test,
> postitioned at 18" above ground
> level, does an effective job of keeping deer out of
> an area.  I finally
> tried this a couple days after Thanksgiving, setting
> out two lines.  One at
> 18", one at 30" in height.  The deer just walked
> right through it.  Should I
> have used a heavier test line?  Were the height of
> the lines correct?
> Thanks in advance for your feedback.
> Brian Raby
> Sheridan, IN,  zone 5b
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