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[nafex] Re: Off topic- Cider history opinions

edforest2010 wrote:

>Very interesting article, and very well written, the author allows you 
>to try to figure it out along with him as one reads the article. 
>Marvin Harris is my favorite enterpreter of human behavior, glad to 
>see he's a source.
I am also a fan of Marvin Harris.  He wrote many interesting things 
about the evolution of the centeralization of power...economic and 
political.  His main themes revolve around cycles of intensification, 
concentration...then inevitable depletion and, through technology, the 
creation of new classes of resources.

Cider production is less ammenable to centralized production than malt 
production.  Cider, in its simplest form, is pretty straight forward. 
 Grind the apples.  Squeeze.  Store.  Malt production, on the other 
hand, requires scrupulous temperature and humidity control, then 
roasting at just the right temperature.  Another factor, pointed out by 
Andrew Lea, is that beer can be brewed year-round and an new batch 
cranked out every four weeks.  Cider is a once-a-year deal and that is 
not suited to amortization of the capital equipment required to make 
material on an industrial scale.  Modern firms like Bulmers make 
much/most of their brew from concentrate purchased on the world market.

                                                                                                -Joe Hecksel

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