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[nafex] Re: Off topic- Cider history opinions

> Is Bulmer's cider any indication of how true Enlish cider would
> taste, or is it just another Woodpecker?

Haven't tried Bulmer's but, if it doesn't make any claim to have 
balanced sweet or sour and bitter flavors in the cider then its probly 
not what he Brits drink. 
I got mine from a friend who specifically went out to find this type 
of cider in London last week. I thought it would cost a bundle but it 
only cost 1.50 pounds which is only about . . . I guess 3.50 US 
dollars. So, I am guessing that I didn't get the best English cider, 
but even if its their worst, its better than our best. He brought me 
three different kinds: Strong, medium, dry; strong, extra, dry; and 
strong, medium, sweet. They varied in alcohol percent from 4.5 to 6.6, 
 and from completely dry to quite sweet. I liked the dry strong the 
best, it was light and complex flavored, with the oak and the bitter 
And yeah, I guess, if the author of that article is correct, we don't 
need to specify the "hard" in hard cider, but most people 
nowadays, including me, need the clarification otherwise they think 
fresh, unfermented cider. (I call that "sweet cider" to distinguish it 
from fermented apple juice [hard cider] and from pasterized, filtered 
apple juice [or what we normally call 'apple juice'])
Kevin B

> Makes me wonder...  If I thought Bulmer's was nice, what would I 
think of
> true English cider?
> According to the link, cider has to be fermentted to be called 
cider, so
> saying "hard cider" would be redundant.  Fresh pressed apples gives 
> fresh apple juice, and store bought apple juice is nothing but a 
ghost of
> what it once was. (bravo, in my opinion)
> Happy New Year,
> Tom
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