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[nafex] Re: ultra hardy pears

In reference to Rescue pear.   I have attempted to grow Rescue "here" 
(zone 4b/5a) for a few years on OHxF333 without success.   It grows 
in a manner similar to Bosc, which simply is not hardy here.  Sort of 
a progression of two steps forward, one step back, and then every few 
years 5 steps back  :)   

Rescue has a very inconsistent reputation.  I have heard it is 
fantastic in some years, and inspid in others form the same 
growers.   When it is good it is supposedly very good, and when it is 
bad, it is very bad, along the lines of Kieffer.  Unfortunately it 
does not stand up to canning nearly as well.

I am tempted to tip graft this on another tree in order to actually 
get some fruit, assuming that every few year sit wil freeze out.  

Wishing all of you the very best in this most blessed of holiday 
seasons...may the Lord comfort you and keep you whole.

the fluffy bunny 

--- In nafex@y..., Claude Jolicoeur <cjoli@g...> wrote:
> Donna, 
> The only thing I have on Rescue pear is from "The Harrowsmith book 
of Fruit
> Trees" by Jennifer Bennett. It says: "Found growing near Vancouver, 
> after its owner's death by a nursery and recently released by 
> State University, this is a reliable annual bearer of early, orange-
> fruit, sometimes 6 in long, that is ready to harvest in late August 
> early September on the West Coast. The fruit will store until 
December. The
> trees are upright, vigorous and productive. This is Benowitz's first
> choice, and he calls it "a showstopper" (Benowitz is the owner of 
> Nursery, Morton, Washington)".
> I hope this may help you... Unfortunately, I don't remember having 
> something about it in Pomona. And there is nothing there that could 
let me
> suspect it would be a hardy variety.
> Claude
> A 07:07 01.12.27 -0600, vous avez écrit :
> >I asked Bernie about the Rescue pear, and he'd never heard of it.  
Do you
> >all remember that some years ago it was written up in Pomona?

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