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Re: [nafex] Wanted: Red Flesh Apple Scion Wood

Hello Chris,
This really is an impressive collection of Redflesh apples. I am jealous.
Here are a few points:

The variety you call "Pink Lady Janson" has been renamed by its breeder
(Fred Janson) to "Pink Princess". See Spring 1998 Pomona, page 16.

When you write "Hidden Rose/Aerlie Red Flesh", does this mean these 2 names
are synonyms? I ask this because I had thought they were 2 distinct varieties.

I would be very interested to know more about many of the varieties you
have: origin, how they perform at your place, how is the fruit, etc... This
would make a fantastic article for Pomona.

I have a few items that do not appear in your list (Geneva, Glowing Heart).
You may contact me off list, maybe we could arrange something.

A 19:46 02.02.23 EST, vous avez écrit :
>Hello All:
>     I'm looking for red/pink fleshed apple scion wood to graft in March.  
>Here's what I have already:
>    Pink Sparkle/ Pink Permain              Winter Red Flesh
>    Surprise                                Almata
>    Hidden Rose/Aerlie Red Flesh              Pink Pearl    
>    Rubyiat                                 Hall's Pink
>    Niedzwetzkyana                      Bill's Red Flesh/Scarlet Surprise   
>    Burgundy                                Mott's Pink 
>    Baldwin Red Flesh                       Webster Pink Meat
>    Hanson's Red Flesh                      Pink Lady Janson
>    Burford's Red Flesh                     Redfield
>    Pink Parfait                                Thornberry      
>    Pink Early  
>    If you have scion wood available for any additional red flesh apples
>are worth growing please let me know.  I have limited quantities of scion 
>wood for most of the trees listed above-my trees are very young and many are 
>still whips.  I am planning to bring the scion wood I have to the Back Yard 
>Fruit Growers Grafting Seminar in March. 
>http://www.sas.upenn.edu/~dailey/byfg.html  Thank you.  Chris Patterson

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