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Re: please check in - from Charlie Paradise

Didn't know you had red currants - what else did you already have planted?

Ginda Fisher wrote:

> You mean new stuff, not what we're already growing?
> I was hoping to put in a black currant, but just discovered that even
> the white-pine-blister-rust immune ones are illegal.  I'll probably try
> another red currant (Johnkeers Van Tet).
> I am replacing the everbearing strawberries in my garden with (1) June
> bearers in the garden and (2) everbearing in a pot.  The strawberries do
> great.  Lots of flowers, lots of little green fruits, lots of big white
> fruits, but never a red fruit.  Something (chipmunks, I think) eats all
> the berries before they ripen.  My hope is that if the whole crop ripens
> at once, there will be too many for the chipmunks to get them all.  My
> backup is the pot, which I will cage somehow.
> (I also bought an apricot for a friend.  Does that count?)
> Ginda Fisher
> Charles Paradise wrote:
> >
> > >From Charlie Paradise in Concord Massachusetts on March 6, 2002
> > Hi to the fruit and nut growers and gatherers in New  England and nearby
> >
> > Can you please each send me a postcard or email with a few sentences
> > about what your growing or gathering projects are this year?
> >
> > Charlie Paradise