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[nafex] Re: Record Cold - Global Warming?

You're sharing the cold w/ us in the US this weekend, predicted to be 
a low of 17F at night (oops there goes my apricot crop again :)

Bernie w/ just a little lower temp you won't need to specify the 
scale (i.e. -40C = -40F)

If it makes you feel any better NPR had a report on how the Antartic 
pennisula is having great warming, The Larsen A ice shelf had a major 
breakup just recently (Larsen B disappeared a few years ago).

Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6

--- In nafex@y..., Bernie Nikolai <Nikolai@v...> wrote:
> Just to let other NAFEXERS know, we are SHATTERING cold weather 
> records in central Alberta over the last week.  This morning, on 
the first
> day of spring, the International Airport just south of Edmonton 
> -35.6C, or about -32F.  These are unheard of temperatures for this 
time of
> year, and in some cases are easily breaking records that have stood 
for 125
> years by several degrees!  I just checked my orchard, and I think 
> mangoes are okay, but the bananas will probably suffer some tip 
damage :)
> Bernie Nikolai
> Edmonton, Alberta
> zone 3/2

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