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Grape pruning question, and orchard bee question

I have a baby Canadice grape that I planted last spring.  It recovered
from having all its buds eaten, and grew nicely last year.  I kept two
vines and trained them two support poles, in case one got eaten by
something.  (I also put hardware cloth around the base and the better

All the pamphlets and stuff say to prune the grape back sharply this
year, but I wonder if that's necessary.  My husband and I have been
seeing deer, and I'd like to get some of the grape up high before they
get too hungry.  Is it okay to let it continue growing up if I tie it to
the poles and pinch off most of the buds?

I have some early flowering currants and not a lot of early
pollinators.  I wonder if orchard mason bees would help.  Does anyone
have any experience with them?  I've read that you are supposed to put
the straws in a protected southern exposure, but the only protected
southern exposure I have is under deciduous trees.  (Oaks)  They don't
leaf out until late (well after the currants bloom) but they do shade
the area well into the fall.  Would an exposed location with summer sun
be better?

Thanks for any help,

Ginda Fisher