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Re: [nafex] Digest Number 328


I can't help you with a Canadian supplier, but once when doing a
web-search, I stumbled upon
Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, a wholesale blueberry grower.  Their minimum
order is listed as $200 for the US, or $500 for Canada, so I assume they
ship there.  The minimum quantity of plants they sell is 100.  Sounds
like you will qualify.

They can be reached by computer at www.vaccinium.com, or
blueberries@fallcreeknursery.com.  They also give "hard" contact info
39318 Jasper-Lowell Road 
Lowell Oregon 97452, 
(541) 937-2973 
Fax (541) 937-3373.

They several half-high cultivars, as well as northern and southern
highbush.  I see that they have Chippewa, Northblue, Northcountry,
Northsky, Polaris.  They also have some hardy highbush cultivars.

A retailer of blueberry bushes that carries a lot of half-highs is St.
Lawrence Nurseries.  Their largest listed quantity is 20, so I don't
know if they would be able to meet your order.  They also cost more per
plant.  They do have a large assortment of half-highs (11).  They don't
grow their own, but sell good stock, wherever it comes from.  They can
be reached at http://www.sln.potsdam.ny.us, or trees@sln.potsdam.ny.us. 
They are located at St. Lawrence Nurseries, 325 State Hwy. #345,
Potsdam, New York 13676, Telephone (315) 265-6739.  They specialize in
cold-hardy plants.

Ginda Fisher
Eastern Massachusetts, zone 6

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> Message: 14
>    Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 21:42:32 -0400
>    From: "Gord Hawkes" <logcabinorchard@cyberus.ca>
> Subject: Re: mycorrhizal  innoculants
> Greetings all!  Great group of knowledgeable people!  Keep it up!  Got a
> question about availability of Mycorrhizal innoculants - does anyone know
> of a reliable Canadian distributor preferably in Ontario.
> Also, I'm looking for 300+ half-high blueberry plants hardy to zone 5 again
> preferably from a Canadian source anyone know of any?
> Best regards,
> Gord Hawkes
> Log Cabin Orchard
> Osgoode, ON
> Canada, eh
> K0A 2W0