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Re: [nafex] Pollen-ation

I also have to put in a good word.  He gets a little mystic at times,
but he has interesting things to say.  Having read his chapter on
Marijuana, I doubt it's one of his four favorite plants.  He says he
chose plants to write about that had good stories, and that he'd grown

I do think he's fond of potatoes and apples.

Ginda Fisher

Mark Garrison wrote:
> > Doreen:  I have read some of Michael Pollen's stuff, and am not
> > impressed.  He seems to be one of those garden writers who knows just
> > enough to make him dangerous.   I have read that one of his four
> > favorite crops is marijuana.  I'll bet you could learn more about apples
> > from Ed Fackler in five minutes than by reading one of Pollen's books.
> Have to put in a word for Michael Pollan.  His subject is man's relation to
> nature, and he is a pleasure to read;  he's an entertaining writer, gives a
> lot of food for thought, and  he is totally undogmatic.  He gets into apples
> (and tulips and potatoes and marijuana) in his latest book, The Botany of
> Desire.  His earlier book, Second Nature, is equally good.
> Mark Garrison, RI, zone 6
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