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Re: [NAFEX] Poison ivy


There are people who have no reaction to poison ivy.  They can pull it
with their bare hands.

I use to control it on the ground with a bleach spray.  I had a well and
did not want to contaminate it with herbicide.

My suggestion...  Find an immune person and have them pull it.  Then keep
new plants at bay with a bleach solution spray.  It will die out pretty


Southwest Ontario
Canada Hardiness Zone 6a
(similar to US zone 5)

On Thu, 2 May 2002, Michael Phillips wrote:

> Someone asked me about poison ivy taking over a block of older apple trees.
> Any suggestions how to get rid of such without using herbicides or any other
> method that would damage the trees?
> Thanks!
> Michael
> Michael Phillips
> Lost Nation Orchard
> Heartsong Farm Healing Herbs
> RFD 1  Box 275
> Groveton, NH 03582
> Check out the 2002 events happening here at Heartsong Farm,
> CSA shares for organic apples and earth medicines,
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> www.HerbsAndApples.com

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