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Re: [nafex] Re: Chipmunk/squirrel control follow-up

Mmmm! Fluffster!  You have explained volumes about why squirrel can be SO
bad.  Care to cook a bunch for the rest of us?  Your recipes sound
scrumptious.  I'm awaiting the next of Brandy's prey with appetite!  She
pretty efficient about only breaking their necks and leaving the rest
Doreen Howard

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Date: Sunday, July 09, 2000 2:03 AM
Subject: Re: [nafex] Re: Chipmunk/squirrel control follow-up

>In regard to squirrel crunch and munch:
>Squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, and possum etc are all classified as small
>game animals.   Most people generalize their care, which IMHO is a
>mistake.  Rabbits and squirrels really need to field dressed immediately
>to insure quality meat.   And even at this squirrels are slightly
>different than the other critters of the woods.    Squirrel meat is very,
>very delicate and easily picks up odd tastes.    What this means is once
>the animal is dead you should begin dressing it immediately.  A delay of
>15-20 minutes can seriously erode the quality of the meat.
>Secondly, you really need to be able to "read" a squirrel in order to
>know how to prepare it.   Young squirrel tails are cone shaped.   The
>come to a little point, old squirrels have more uniform tail shapes.  A
>young squirrel has bright teeth, and lighter skin when contrasted with an
>older squirrel.
>The reason I mention this is age is in large part going to determine your
>cooking method.  There is no reason to stew or pressure cook a young
>squirrel.  The meat is sweet, mild and delicious when pan fried.   Almost
>any southern fried chicken mix works well.
>One method I use is to combine fat free saltine crackers with quick
>oatmeal, grinding it up a bit then I add black pepper, cayenne pepper,
>sage, and thyme.   I mix two egg whites with a bit of milk in a dish,
>moisten the squirrel and then toss the into a plastic bag loaded with the
>breading mix.  Shake the little devils up and then pan fry them in Canola
>A relish of a fresh tart apple, dried cranberries, dried cherries,
>raspberries, chopped dates, raisins and garlic roasted pecans is an
>excellent flavor enhancer.
>For a side dish I like grilled green and red peppers(toss the peppers
>with a bit of fresh tarragon when you finish grilling them) combined with
>chilled marinated button mushrooms.  To make this you simply mince up
>some garlic in a pat of butter, add the whole button mushrooms and saute
>until they begin to soften.  Add a medium grade of Burgundy wine and
>simmer till tender.  Refrigerate the mushrooms in the liquid until cold
>and then add to the freshly grilled peppers.
>Wishing all of you the very best,
> the fluffy one
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