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Re: [nafex] Rabbits

--- Jack Wigal <kr8z@citynet.net> wrote:
> HELP !!!!     The rabbits are starting to eat the
> bark of my little apple trees. Does anyone know an
> easy way to prevent this?  
> Jack Wigal
> Washington, WV
>The following has worked for me 100% in regards to
rabbit protection.  If you are concerned with a large
number of plants this procedure may not be practical.

Cut the top and bottom from a 2 or 3 liter soft drink
plastic container.  Cut top off where the opening will
be about the same size as the bottom producing a
plastic cylinder about 6 inches long.  Place around
you plants.  If the plant is not sturdy enough to keep
the cylinder from being blown away by the wind, you
can add 2 small sturdy supports stuck into the ground,
one on each side of the plant and inside the cylinder.
 If your plant has limbs that would not allow you to
slide cylinder in place over plant, then you could
split cylinder and wrap it around the plant.  Tape can
be used if plastic does not naturally curl and cling
around plant. 

Lee Sharp 

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