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Re: [nafex] airlayering

Hortus wrote:
> =============================
> air layering
> ---------------
> Have you information on the use of rooting hormones on layer
> site when *air layering* hardy trees.
> Especially regarding:
> -use of solution or dry powder
> -seasonal differences in concentrations
> -solution soaking of media
I had good luck air layering Illinois Everbearing Mulberry and Jonafree

I did not use any hormones on the mulberry, but wish I had.  I started
the layers prior to leafing. Roots were small and restricted to one side
of the stem.

I used 2500 PPM NAA in a 30% alcohol solution on the Jonafree apple.  I
scuffed up the bark to expose wood and used a paper towel to mop the
solution onto the wound.  A shoe polish dispenser would be the way to
fly if one was to do many trees this way.  The layer on the Jonafree was
started about June 15 and I unintentionally stripped many leaves to
slide the milk-jug down the stem.  I thought it was a lost cause at that
point.  Roots were a mix of thick ones and thready.  They were well
distributed around the stem and up and down the stem.  I was very happy
with the way the apple turned out, especially after I mangled the top.

> regards
> Joel


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