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RE: [nafex] Rabbits

HELP !!!!     The rabbits are starting to eat the bark of my little apple trees. Does anyone know an easy way to prevent this? 
Jack Wigal
Washington, WV
[Gene Spears] 
    After a disasterous, rabbit-infested winter, I bought a lot of plastic tree guards through AM Leonard (on-line now).  Not too expensive, easy to apply & remove, appear to last several years (2 seasons so far and only a little brittle and discolored), and they keep the rabbits off the bark.  They are only a couple of feet high, so if you get a really deep snow, you might want to hustle out & slide them up the trunk a bit. 
      If the rabbits have already done some damage, you might try a caulking gun and a silicon-based caulk to cover the wounds.  Someone on the list suggested this to me & I think it saved a few of my trees (but not the Honeycrisp, alas).

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