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[nafex] Re: airlayering

I have never heard of anyone starting apple trees by airlayering, and 
it sounds interesting.  I want to know more details about your 
Jonafree experiment.

How many years ago did you airlayer this tree?
How tall is it now?
Has it bloomed?
Has it produced fruit?
What month did you cut it from the parent tree?
Did it need any special treatment when planted (extra water, winter 
Was this a one time experiment, or do you plan to do it again?
If you have experience with budding, what advantages/disadvantges do 
you see comparing airlayering and budding?

Anyone else out there that cares to comment, please join in.

Mark Lee
Fruit Explorer

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> Hortus wrote:
> > 
> > =============================
> > 
> > air layering
> > ---------------
> > 
> > Have you information on the use of rooting hormones on layer
> > site when *air layering* hardy trees.
> > 
> > Especially regarding:
> > -use of solution or dry powder
> > -seasonal differences in concentrations
> > -solution soaking of media
> > 
> I had good luck air layering Illinois Everbearing Mulberry and 
> apple.  
> I did not use any hormones on the mulberry, but wish I had.  I 
> the layers prior to leafing. Roots were small and restricted to one 
> of the stem.
> I used 2500 PPM NAA in a 30% alcohol solution on the Jonafree 
apple.  I
> scuffed up the bark to expose wood and used a paper towel to mop the
> solution onto the wound.  A shoe polish dispenser would be the way 
> fly if one was to do many trees this way.  The layer on the 
Jonafree was
> started about June 15 and I unintentionally stripped many leaves to
> slide the milk-jug down the stem.  I thought it was a lost cause at 
> point.  Roots were a mix of thick ones and thready.  They were well
> distributed around the stem and up and down the stem.  I was very 
> with the way the apple turned out, especially after I mangled the 
> > regards
> > Joel
> > 
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> Michigan
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