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Re: [nafex] Deer Prevention

At 09:57 PM 10/23/2000 -0700, Don wrote:
>2.   I used 10 lb. test mono, and put up only a single strand at about 4
>ft., which I calculated as the height of the average deer's nose,
>excluding large bucks.

I'm not an expert on the stature of whitetails, but I would suspect that 
most folks overestimate how big they are, and personally, would think that 
4 ft is way too high, but if it's working for you, I don't know that I'd 
change it.
Recommended height for a single-strand electric fence to contain mature 
cattle is 30 inches - the height at which their nose is going to be 
presented to the wire during routine movement.  Yes, when alarmed, they can 
raise their heads much higher, but when moving about undisturbed, you'll 
notice that the default position is pretty much straight out in front of 
their bodies.  Guess I'd be inclined to move a single-strand deer 'fence' 
down to somewhere between 20 & 30 inches.

Lucky Pittman
USDA Zone 6
Hopkinsville, KY

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