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[nafex] Deer Prevention

For Mike Tomlinson:

1.  You may have heard about the monofilament deer solution on this very
board, in a discussion we had some months back.  I tried it at that
time, and, other than lead-based therapy, it worked better than anything
I had tried up to that time.
2.   I used 10 lb. test mono, and put up only a single strand at about 4
ft., which I calculated as the height of the average deer's nose,
excluding large bucks.  The deer in my yard do not charge around wildly,
unless I am chasing them, but browse slowly as they move to destroy my
strawberries and whatever else appeals to them.  I used those green
steel posts as anchors, and the deer did not break the mono..
3.  Since I put the mono up in late spring around my garden, it was a
bit of a chore to duck under it as I went in and out of the garden area
during the summer, but it was worth it.  Ed may be right that multiple
strands are more effective, but one was enough for me, partly because of
the difficulty in getting back and forth through it myself.
4.  In winter, especially around strawberry beds or orchards that I
would not be entering very often, I would be inclined use more than one
strand.  It's pretty cheap insurance.
5.  I am afraid that the this whole deer damage business is going to get
a lot worse before it gets better, and I wonder if there is a point at
which local authorities might be prepared to take some serious measures
to control these herds.  It is no longer just a nuisance, it is an

Best of Luck, Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

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