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Re: [nafex] Squirrel Recipes

The Joy of Cooking has lots of recipes for all the critters we've been
cussing and discussing here. Even cleaning and special dressing


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> Doreen,
> When I was a little girl my brother was the great white hunter. :) He kept
> freezer full of rabbit and squirrel, and Mom and I were often hard put to
> them in any way that resembled good. We did find a recipe, in a book that
> included the words "Herter's" and "Bull cook" in the title, put out by a
> sporting goods company. I can remember the recipe involved baking the
> in a covered pan with pitted prunes. Only about a dozen to fix several
> squirrels. I, being a kid, wanted more fruit. We thickened the broth with
> I think, but that is all I remember about the recipe. We also made it with
> raisins, and found both varieties were the best squirrel we had fixed.
> became staple recipes until Stan outgrew hunting four legged deer. Well,
> he's married, he hunts them again, but...
> Joyce
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