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Re: [nafex] Squirrel Recipes

When I was a little girl my brother was the great white hunter. :) He kept the
freezer full of rabbit and squirrel, and Mom and I were often hard put to fix
them in any way that resembled good. We did find a recipe, in a book that
included the words "Herter's" and "Bull cook" in the title, put out by a
sporting goods company. I can remember the recipe involved baking the squirrels
in a covered pan with pitted prunes. Only about a dozen to fix several
squirrels. I, being a kid, wanted more fruit. We thickened the broth with flour,
I think, but that is all I remember about the recipe. We also made it with
raisins, and found both varieties were the best squirrel we had fixed. They
became staple recipes until Stan outgrew hunting four legged deer. Well, now
he's married, he hunts them again, but...


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